Notes From The Road 1.1

Notes From The Road 1.1

A few days ago I was sitting in my truck outside a restaurant in Watertown, NY, waiting to join my grandma and aunt for breakfast. An elderly man approached the drivers window and motioned for me to roll it down. 

What followed was a 5 minute conversation about his former camper, a 21 foot Winnebago. Oh how he loved her so! 

He told me stories of his 1999 trip to Montana, the 2003 voyage to the Smoky Mountains, her lovely interior, her smooth handling, their Sunday drives together. They parted ways a few years back when his wife (possibly joking) told him it was either her, or the Winnebago. 

As we said goodbye he wished me safe travels with the most wistful look in his eyes.

Notes From The Road 1.0

Notes From The Road 1.0

(Let's bring the internet a little love rather than hate, shall we?)

I'm hanging out tonight at a highway rest area somewhere in the eastern US. It's dark out. One of the drivers from the big rigs parked behind me has brought a LOAD of groceries and is holding the most joyful solo BBQ on one of the little picnic area charcoal grills next to the restrooms. The man looks so happy. He made me so happy.

A Christmas and Farewell Wish List

This year I've been asking my friends and family not to gift me random things or "stuff". Not because I don't love all the handpicked items you've given me over the past years, but because I am in the process of gifting/selling/donating 95 percent of my belongings.

This spring I will be moving into a camper truck full time and taking off on a road trip around North America (and South...?) I'll be spending time hiking, running, painting, climbing mountains and visiting loved ones all around the US. 

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