A Christmas and Farewell Wish List

The holiday season is here!

This year I've been asking my friends and family not to gift me random things or "stuff". Not because I don't love all the handpicked items you've given me over the past years, but because I am in the process of gifting/selling/donating 95 percent of my belongings.

This spring I will be moving into a camper truck full time and taking off on a road trip around North America (and South...?) I'll be spending time hiking, running, painting, climbing mountains and visiting loved ones all around the US. 


As promised to some friends and family, I've made a list of items I DO need and plan to acquire over the next few months, as well as some other gift ideas that would help me along on this amazing adventure. There is a link to an Amazon list at the end of this post with some of the more specific things listed here.

Please know that the only thing I REALLY want for Christmas this year is your love, friendship and support... And the use of your shower in the near future:)

xoxoxox -Mariah

***Update - Items that have already been offered are marked with stars***


SCRUBBA WASH BAG - 5 oz wet bag for washing clothes! 

MANUAL LABOR - Come help me build stuff! Or take things apart, depends on the day. Do you know how to put in a new carburetor? 'Cause that would be excellent. 

SOCKET WRENCH SET - For my mechanic gear. My Toyota engine is metric, btw. I'd love to pick up a used set! ***

ADJUSTABLE WRENCH - For the engine. ***

GAS CAN - Red and plastic, you know the drill. ***

COLLAPSABLE TEA KETTLE - Silicone awesomeness.

SILICONE WINE GLASSES - More silicone awesomeness. 

DRINKING WATER HOSE - Water is life.

USED TRIPOD - Any chance you have one lying around? ***

SOLAR PANELS AND ADAPTORS - For the generator (Goal Zero Yeti) I will be outfitting "Boots Kimiko" with.

(There is also a packable solar panel (Goal Zero Nomad) on my Amazon list that can directly charge my phone while backpacking AND be used to power the generator. Technology these days is something else. ***)

12V DC LED BULBS - The back of the camper is lit with 12V light fixtures, I'd like to change the bulbs over to LED to save battery power at night.

EMPTY TIC TAC CONTAINERS - Seriously though, I'm using them to build a micro spice rack.

OIL PAINTS AND BRUSHES - I always need these. 

ELECTRICIAN SERVICES - Do I have any friends with electrical skills? There is an AC charger and wiring in the camper installed by a previous owner that I don't understand. 

GIFT CARDS - Specifically to gas stations, REI, Amazon, and Home Depot (or Lowes)

Find the Amazon wish list HERE